Sunday, October 30, 2016

OnePlus 3 VS Xiaomi Redmi Pro , Which one you like ?

Some days ago , we published the Oneplus 3 real images on our facebook , we got many comments from facebook . many people laugh us that To2c can't differentiate between OnePlus and Mi ,To2c don't know this xiaomi or one plus 3 .I am confused , am i wrong ? we take Oneplus 3 from Oneplus 3 box , am i wrong ? 

After i compare Oneplus 3 and Xiaomi Redmi Pro , Especially the front compare , i found i am not wrong . The front of Oneplus 3 is really similar with and Redmi Pro  . so we decide to make a comparison for OnePlus 3 and Redmi Pro.

This is OnePlus 3 VS Redmi Pro Below :

Front Camera: OnePlus 3 is in Left , Redmi Pro is in right
Fingerprint Home Button: Width of OnePlus 3 is shorter,Height is higher than Redmi Pro

Back Camera: Redmi Pro Two Cameras , OnePlus 3 One Camera

Bottom Speaker: Redmi Pro has two side holes , Headset Holes of OnePlus 3 is in the bottom , while Redmi Pro is in the top

From the Side of both phones , we found OnePlus is thinner than Redmi Pro.

Both Price of Xiaomi Redmi Pro and OnePlus 3 reduced sharply these days .

Price Cut $60 for Xiaomi Redmi Pro While Price Cut $40 for OnePlus 3 . Pricce of OnePlus 3 not stable , price will increase in any time.

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