Thursday, October 6, 2016

Gold Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Pro ( 3+64GB ) in To2c hongkong warehouse no stock , Silver color still available to order !

Sorry to tell you that gold xiaomi mi redmi note 4 pro no stock in our hongkong warehouse at present . we will inform you once it restock in our hongkong warehouse.

we still have silver redmi note 4 pro 3gb ram 64gb rom in our hongkong warehouse . you can order it here

Why mi redmi note 4 pro hot sell in our hongkong warehouse ?Compare to Chinese mainland redmi note 4 pro , what is the difference ? there are the reasons below:

1: hongkong warehouse redmi note 4 pro has cheaper price . in hongkong warehouse price only $188.99 , but $204.99 in China

2: mi redmi note 4 pro hongkong warehouse have Official global ROM , support OTA update .

3: the chinese redmi note 4 support greek language , but hongkong warehouse not support.

so decide by you .

by the way , the Gold , Gray , Silver in China mainland have full stock , you can feel free to order it if you need it. China mainland redmi note 4 pro order it here 

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